Hogwarts Videos for the Holidays

Both Hogwarts Legacy and Wizarding World have release videos for you to enjoy over the holiday. Perhaps cast them to your TV and have them on a loop to enjoy the ambience.

We are also expecting a Winter ASMR video from Hogwarts Legacy and we will update this page if it’s released during the holiday season.

Wizarding World

Although this has fireplace in the title there are various different scenes to enjoy.

An older video below

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy have release a number of fireplace videos from the in game footage. Easy for them to do given how amazing the graphics are looking. Yes I started with Ravenclaw.

Mark is a bit of an odd English chap. He used to run The Taskforce Times, a fictional online newspaper for the Wizards Unite mobile game, which was cancelled January 2022.
Mark also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Magical Games while also enjoying life with his wife and daughter. Also he is an Archer.

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