Hogwarts Legacy ASMR Collection

With the next Hogwarts Legacy ASMR video available, we have compiled a collection for you here.

The Hogwarts Legacy team has released three seasonal ASMR videos so far. One for Spring, Summer and now Autumn. No prizes for what is coming next.

These all feature real scenes in game. Some of the audio is a bit debatable on its accuracy for Scotland however.

This post will be updated as new ASMR videos come out.

Hogwarts Legacy – A Late Winter Afternoon


00:00 By the lake with snow on mountains. Camera pans to trees around the edge with dead tree in foreground.
02:30 By the lake again. Camera pans to a stone staircase that goes up the rocky mountain to the castle.
05:00 Camera follows a stone path to stone balcony. The balcony overlooks the castle and lake from a height. Note the wooden stool?
07:30 Snow falling on the path leading to the Hogwarts gates and winged boars. Camera raises to reveal the castle.
10:00 A Hogwarts Fireplace in the great hall. Camera pans round to reveal the lamps, floating candles and enchanted ceiling. Note the design on the Stained Glass.
12:30 An unknown house with smoke coming out of the chimney.
15:00 Dogweed and Deathcap was a shop in Hogsmeade that sold exotic plants and flowers. Seems to have a branch in our area. We know these are almost like weapons we can use in combat.
17:30 Views of the castle by moonlight.

Hogwarts Legacy – A Calm Autumn Morning


00:00 Hamlet connect to the Floo Flame network. Hogwarts in the background at night.
02:32 Forest clearing with Leaping Toadstools, spiders web and hanging bodies. Early morning.
05:03 Open meadow showing a hut, a pumpkin patch and Hogwarts in the background. Features self picking pickaxes and some sort in mining equipment? Possilbly Goblin related?
07:32 Hogwarts from the outside. Showing the astronomy tower telescope.
10:03 Small bridge with a set of flags. A mysterious stone tower.
12:33 Old ruines. Many footprints in the mud trail.
15:02 Looking over what could be Hogsmeade or some other village from fields of pumpkins and wheat. Small hut and scarecrow in the field.
17:32 Pathway with a stone arch in a wooded area. Cobblestones and lamps lead the way. Some bird are fighting in the air. Path leads to some thatched cottages.

Hogwarts Legacy – A Hot Summer Day


00:00 Pumpkin patches and people working the fields and walking along the paths. There is a Ram under the washing line. You can just see hogwarts in the background.
02:30 What appears to be a terrace belonging to an inn/pub. Scene shows a river with a row boat on shore and Hogwarts in the background.
05:00 Looks like the shore of the Black Lake.
07:30 Weir in a river with an rigkety bridge. Possibly Hogsmeade in the distance and a Floo Flame network point (Fast Travel). Pans up to show a water fall and some ruins.
10:00 Looks like the Black Lake again. This time with a number of ruins. Looks like the Quidditch pitch in the distance maybe? Camera pans round to reveal a huge cog and more ruins. Perhaps Goblins?
12:34 Waterfall where it looks like you can get behind it. Also looks like a number of poacher cages and a strange column in the rockface. It looks some sort magic on a golden plate near the poacher cages?
15:00 By the Black Lake again? Near an old pier. A strange rock formation on the right.
17:32 Broken stone bridge over a wide river. Ruines in the background and a statue of a hooded lady. Oddly place heap of stones and barrels in the water? Not far from the pier in the previous section. Could be a flobberworm on the bank of the river at the end.

Hogwarts Legacy – A Rainy Spring Night 


00:00 Hogwarts from the outside. Owlery in the distance. Fountain on the left.
02:33 More Hogwarts from the outside. Interesting face in the archway. Looks like a Occamy in the fountain. Love the lamps.
05:00 Greenhouses on the left look awesome. Size of the castle in insaine.
07:30 Another great castle scene. You can see all the little fires. I love the stone benches.
10:05 The Three Broomsticks, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Zonkos and Ollivanders can all be seen. Plus a self watering can and a bird on a sign. There is a lock that shimmers purple on Quality Quidditch Supplies. Also a Snowy Owl flies above.
12:34 Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and the Owl Post Office. Building with GR in the background. There is also Dervish & Banges that sells and repaires “magical instruments and stuff”.
15:06 The Hogs Head on the left. The moths are a nice touch around the lamp.
17:32 The Magic Neep, a magical greengrocers located in Hogsmeade.

Mark is a bit of an odd English chap. He used to run The Taskforce Times, a fictional online newspaper for the Wizards Unite mobile game, which was cancelled January 2022.
Mark also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Magical Games while also enjoying life with his wife and daughter. Also he is an Archer.

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