Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage Coming March 17, 2022

Harry Potter fans will finally see Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage during a Hogwarts Legacy State of Play livestream on March 17, 2022 at 2pm PT (5pm ET).

From a press release written by Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager Chandler Wood:

The show will run for about 20 minutes, featuring over 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay captured on PS5, and concluding with some insight from a few members of the team at Avalanche Software who are bringing the Wizarding World to life.

Let’s dive into what we know about Hogwarts Legacy so far, plus what we might expect to see during the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play.

Hogwarts Legacy, a Brief History

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG set in the late 1800s. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Portkey Games, it will be available to play on select consoles and PC.

Initially leaked in 2018, the official announcement came during PlayStation’s PS5 Showcase in September 2020. Since then, the official trailer has been viewed over 28 million times.

In January 2021, Hogwarts Legacy tweeted out a delayed release date, pushing the game to 2022.

Fans heard no official news for months, until December 2021, when Chandler Wood announced he had started his new role as the Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager.

Hogwarts Legacy Controversy

Everything related to Harry Potter has come under criticism ever since J.K. Rowling published an essay doubling down on her transphobic statements. Her essay came out in June 2020, so the Hogwarts Legacy announcement months later immediately sparked criticism. The Hogwarts Legacy team has carefully navigated the controversy in their FAQs, but that hasn’t stopped the many thinkpieces on the topic.

Hogwarts Legacy faced additional controversy surrounding Troy Leavitt, the game’s lead designer and senior producer. In February 2021, Journalist Liam Robertson revealed Leavitt’s history of defending sexual harassment and discrimination within the gaming industry.

Leavitt voluntarily resigned from Avalanche in March 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play

Fans can expect a 20-minute event on Thursday, March 17, 2022, including a full 14 minutes of gameplay. It will also feature team members “concluding with some insight.”

While the press release did not state which team members would be available, fans can speculate. I predict Chandler Wood will be one of the presenters, since he is the Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager. Eriq Martin, the Marketing Game Manager at Avalanche Studios, might also speak.

Gameplay Footage

Any gameplay footage is exciting for Hogwarts Legacy fans, but how will the team summarize an epic open-world RPG into just 14 minutes? Here are possible features:

  • character creation
  • dialogue that establishes the overall setting
  • choices that affect the player’s journey
  • battle footage
  • introduction of magical creatures
  • introduction of important NPCs

Reminder: those are just my own guesses!

Hogwarts Legacy Final Thoughts

I am so excited to learn more about Hogwarts Legacy!

You can watch the livestream on YouTube or on Twitch.

After the State of Play, the Playstation Blog will have additional information about Hogwarts Legacy. We will update Magical Gamers with more information as soon as we have it!

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Brita is a pink and sparkly feminist who loves books, wine, France, and her husband. She's the former editor-in-chief of Wizards Unite Hub, the world's largest Wizards Unite fan website before the game's demise. You can learn more about Brita by visiting her other websites, social media profiles, and Harry Potter YouTube channel.

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1 year ago

So excited to see gameplay, FINALLY! And I appreciate you talking about Troy Leavitt as well. I’m very glad the studio was proactive getting him OUT of the picture.