Hogwarts Legacy Immersion with PlayStation 5

We all want to have an immersive experience in the Wizarding World while we play Hogwarts Legacy! Yesterday, we got a video and a blog post that gave us a look into what we might experience… at least for those of us who will play on the PlayStation 5. In the video, we learn about a few different ways that Hogwarts Legacy will use features of the PlayStation 5 controller to better immerse us.

1890s Scottish Highlands, here we come!

Our Controller Reflects Our Wand

The standout from these new info drops is the ways that the PlayStation 5 controller will react to how our character is using their wand. The adaptive triggers on the top of the controller appear to be important buttons when playing Hogwarts Legacy. These two buttons, referred to as R2 and L2, produce resistance and spring as we cast spells. As a result, the trigger can produce different reactions based on our inputs and the spell.

The post also references spells that are basic casts versus summoning the strength for a more powerful charm. This implies some kind of charging system, where we hold down a trigger to power-up a spell! We can’t wait to learn more about what this means as time goes on.

Even better, we learned that spells will apparently each have unique vibration feedback from the controller’s haptic system. This is amazing news, especially considering we might have a ton of different spells at our wand tips in-game.

…But Other Environmental Effects, Too

In the blog post, we also learned that the PlayStation 5 controller reacts to the environment in Hogwarts Legacy. These include flying, potion-making, Mandrake screeches, and other unnamed events. The DualSense controller also has a speaker that can surround us with the sounds of the Wizarding World as well. We recently got a glimpse of sound immersion in Hogwarts Legacy with a 20-minute ASMR video of “A Rainy Spring Night,” and we cannot wait to hear more in our magical explorations of different environments.

We love the idea of being immersed in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy by the features of the PlayStation 5. In addition, we hope that some of these immersion elements of Hogwarts Legacy will exist on the other platforms as well.

How will you be playing Hogwarts Legacy and which immersion features are you most excited to experience? Let us know in the comments!

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Until next time, Controllers…err…Wands Ready!

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