Hogwarts Legacy Other Characters

We have covered both the students and staff of Hogwarts. Now it’s time to take a look at the other characters.

George Osric

Role: Ministry of Magic Employee

Official Bio

High-ranking Ministry of Magic official, George is a charming, gregarious fellow and a decades-long friend to both Professor Fig and his wife Miriam.
His uncanny ability to unravel the most enigmatic riddles – combined with his steadfast loyalty and trustworthiness – prompted Miriam to enlist his help in solving a seemingly indecipherable puzzle she uncovered just before she died. He may have bitten off more than he can chew, however and will need the players help to pick up where Miriam left off.


Role: Goblin Rebellion Leader


Ranrok is the leader of a Goblin Rebellion. He also seeks the to exploit the ancient magic our player has. Most likely to help him win the rebellion.

Victor Rookwood

Role: Dark Wizard


Victor is in league with the goblin Ranrok.

Mark is a bit of an odd English chap. He used to run The Taskforce Times, a fictional online newspaper for the Wizards Unite mobile game, which was cancelled January 2022.
Mark also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Magical Games while also enjoying life with his wife and daughter. Also he is an Archer.

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